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Flattening the curve, not your business’ sustainability

Social what?

Most of South Africa hadn’t heard the term “Social distancing” before the Presidential address on Sunday, 15 March. It has quickly become the new buzz word in every conversation, having caught on almost as fast as the spread of the Coronavirus itself.

The forced closures, isolations and travel bans are making it difficult for businesses to operate, which will undoubtedly affect their bottom lines. The survival of small and medium enterprises will be at stake; have you noticed how tricky it is to play a game with one hand tied behind your back?

For staff who are not accustomed to working from home, the adjustment can be a difficult one – not having your team members occupying the space around you, having to come up with creative solutions to all of the typical office-based conveniences we’re used to having at our fingertips, not being able to pop down the passage to ask your colleagues the simple questions they can answer immediately – can have marked negative effects on output. Orchestrating team meetings is suddenly more challenging for managers; staying up to date with customers or providing the face-to-face service they depend on, are further obstacles that must be overcome.

These hurdles can either bring out the best in committed achievers, or cause a complete shutdown in productivity. Now is the time to think laterally, to adapt and to embrace the current landscape. There are plenty of smart choices we need to be making, to ensure that our teams maintain efficiency, our services remain top of mind for our customers and that our businesses survive Coronavirus.

The show must go on(line).

Think virtual team meetings taking place from the germ-free sanctity of our home offices; critical announcements from CEO’s being delivered in a live or recorded digital format, retaining a sense of personal connection as well as avoiding common misunderstandings which can transpire in written communication. Postponing your events and conferences while waiting for the pandemic to pass will ensure the moment has passed too, and your business may be left behind; surpassed by those who capitalised on new opportunities.

Digital magazines, or digimags, quickly and easily relay important news, updates and links to keep teams on the same page when it’s crucial to provide factual and useful information for large groups of people. Meaningful branding such as thoughtful desk drops for clients (or staff), can serve to ensure them that your team are still there for them, albeit it from a distance. Also consider increased visibility on social media, where it’s still safe to be in front of your customers.

Social distancing to flatten the curve of Coronavirus’ spread should not mean flattening the sustainability of your business. Rather, it should signal the onset of more creative tactics. Source Marketing Solutions will create and tailor your digital tools as well as your physical representation in the form of useful branding signifying your continued presence, to maximise impact during this period of relative isolation; ensuring your business’ survival through challenging circumstances.

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